Galaxy for linking Bisulfite sequencing with RNA sequencing


From 2019-10-09 to 2019-10-11 - Add to your Calendar

In this training course, we introduce the Galaxy framework ( for biomedical data analyses, and showcase its tools for data handling and preprocessing, differential gene expression analysis, bisulfite sequencing analysis, and Oxford Nanopore data exploration and usage. Lectures will be provided on the topics of RNA and Bisulfite sequencing, Epigenetics, and basic statistics, and followed by hands-on sessions. Finally, we showcase a Galaxy Docker installation for customized workflow analysis.


Lectures and hands-on sessions will focus on the following topics:

  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Epigenetics
  • Workflow development
  • Differential gene expression analysis
  • Differential methylation analysis
  • Oxford Nanopore data processing

Learning goals

  • Know your data, and the implications of data preprocessing and quality control
  • Performing differential gene expression analysis using Galaxy
  • Performing differential methylation analysis using Galaxy
  • Handling and analyze Oxford Nanopore sequencing data


This workshop is intended for MSc/PhD students, postdocs, and researchers with a background in Life Science research. During registration, please hand over a poster about a research topic of your choosing. Posters will be presented during our poster session, which you can use to exchange experiences with other participants.


Galaxy, Workflow development, Differential gene expression analysis, differential methylation analysis, Epigenetics, Oxford Nanopore

Program and training material

The full program and related training material can be found at our course’s page, which we will update throughout its duration, to link to the resources needed for following all training sessions.


For registration and details, please visit the de.NBI de.STAIR project announcement.




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