Freiburg Galaxy team is participating to the 2nd cohort of the Open Life Science program


Open Life Science (OLS) is an online mentoring & training program to help individuals and stakeholders in research to become Open Science ambassadors.

It is a 16-week long personal mentorship and cohort-based training, where participants (organisers, hosts, mentors and project leads/mentees) of this program:

  • share their expertise and gain knowledge essential to create, lead, and sustain an Open Science project
  • connect with members across different projects, communities, backgrounds, and identities
  • empower each other to become effective Open Science ambassadors in their communities

After the success of the 1st cohort, a 2nd cohort is starting now with 33 diverse projects leaded by 51 participants, mentored by 35 mentors and supported by 65 experts.

The Freiburg Galaxy Team is participating to this 2nd cohort with Beatriz’s project to grow the Galaxy Community. Bérénice, one of the co-founder, is also organizing OLS. Together with Björn, they will give talks and share their experience and expertise with participants, as experts.