Penn State Galaxy Workshop 2022


From 2022-10-31 to 2022-12-19 - Add to your Calendar

Workshop at the Penn State University Park Campus. It will be divided in sixt parts. The first five cover analysis of data from the standpoint of researchers who generate and analyze the data. The last part is aimed at developers who want to integrate their tools into Galaxy or develop automated analyses utilizing Galaxy workflows and infrastructure.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You generate any types of sequence data (Sanger, Illumina, Oxford Nanopore, Pacific Biosciences)
  • Use sequence data to perform any types of analyses (variation detection, Genome Assembly, ChIP-seq, RNAseq [including single cell], Metagenomics, etc…)
  • Work with proteomic, metabolomics, or imaging data
  • Work in computational chemistry

Free registration is required for this workshop. This will allow us to prepare well and make it as effective as possible. Please use this form to register.