Successful use cases from EOSC-Life using Galaxy


The first round of EOSC-Life demonstrators, as part of Work Package 3 has driven eight successful use cases, three of them using Galaxy. The outcomes of these projects have been presented during the webinar series ‘Populating EOSC-Life’ in January 2021.

Demonstrator 1: European Open Science Cloud resources for Chemical Biology and Structure-Based Drug Discovery workflows

The aim of this demonstrator was to to develop a set of tools to increase the FAIRness of chemical biology data and structural data and to enable the integration of structural biology data and chemical biology data to increase access and re-use of resources.

Demonstrator 4: Marine Eukaryote Genomics Portal – access to tools and data-flows for marine genome annotation

This EOSC-Life demonstrator project aimed to develop an online marine genomic resource to aid community driven annotation of marine eukaryotes and help to provide a focus for post-assembly genomic workflows and data access of specific (closely related) groups of marine organisms.

Demonstrator 6: Image Repository and Scaleable Mining

This EOSC-Life pilot project demonstrated the use of such an infrastructure to run new image analysis via the cloud on publicly available image data sets from genome wide screens. As an example case, this project investigated the biology of the nucleolus, a small membrane-less organelle found within the nucleus of the cell.

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