Usegalaxy.eu surpassed 40.000 registered users


We are celebrating that usegalaxy.eu reached 40,000 registered users last November! Over the last year, the number of registered users has almost doubled, from 25,000 to more than 41,000 by January 2022. As we can see in figure 1, the growth in the number of new registered users shows a constant increase since 2019.

Total number of registered

Figure 1. Total number of users registered in usegalaxy.eu since 2019.

As indicated in figure 2, this trend is also reflected in the monthly increase in users. The highest number of registered users in a single month was in October 2021, when 2,449 users joined the European Galaxy server.

Number of new users montly

Figure 2. Number of new users registered monthly since 2019.

From Galaxy Europe, we thank you for the trust you place in us, and hope that the only exponential growth curve we have to report in the coming year will be the unstoppable growth of the Galaxy community.

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